How can my country or organization benefit from using the AirNow-I system?

  • Help protect public health with air quality alerts when air pollution is high

  • Help determine the best air quality control measures for your region. These could include:

  • No-drive days and other traffic controls;
  • Pedestrian friendly zones;
  • Stationary source controls; and
  • Fuel changes and clean energy
  • Link real-time air quality data from mega-events (such as the Olympics with past trends to assess the effectiveness of control programs.

  • Post real-time traffic information and AirNow-I data to show links between traffic activity and air quality

  • Educate the public about air quality improvements over time from environmental initiatives by comparing real-time air quality data to past trends and health standards

  • Distribute data feeds and products to decision-makers and the public

  • Join in worldwide cooperation among air quality agencies and the U.S. EPA
    Access to state-of-the-art, community supported software