How do I set up Twitter alerts?

To create a social media alert using Twitter, first create the Twitter account you would like to use for the alerts. Then, login to AirNow-Tech and select Social Media from the drop-down menu under Tools.

Adding and Managing a Social Media Account

On this page, you can add an account by selecting . If you are not logged in to a Twitter account, you will be instructed to login and authorize AirNow-Tech to post tweets to the account. Once this is completed, you will be returned to the AirNow-Tech Social Media page. Your recently authorized Twitter account should now appear on the page.

By default, the status will be set to Disabled. To enable an account and create a social media alert, select and click Edit. You will then be able to enable the account and add a site. Once a site is selected, you can click anywhere in the Parameter box to see a list of available pollutant and reporting combinations.

Once you have selected a site and parameter, you will be shown a preview tweet for your chosen settings.

When you are satisfied with your choices, click the button at the top right to complete the setup.

If you would like to manually post a message to twitter from AirNow-Tech, you can select the button to do so.

View Archived Social Media Messages

To view archived social media messages, select and click Log.

From the Log page, you can query by start and end date, and sort the results by date/time, Message, status, and if the message was successfully posted.