I'm signed up for EnviroFlash but am not receiving my email alerts. What gives?

Not receiving your EnviroFlash email, whether for daily forecasts or alert days, is usually caused by one of the following reasons.

1. You have not confirmed your subscription for air quality notifications

If you have yet to confirm your subscription, emails will not be sent. On the www.enviroflash.info homepage, select Manage Your Account. After entering your email address, if you see the following message, you need to confirm your account by pressing Resend Confirmation Email. Confirmation emails can only be sent once daily and a total of three times.

2. You have not elected to receive forecast and/or current conditions notifications

If you are not receiving a forecast or current conditions email, check that the “Receive Forecasts” and/or “Receive Current Conditions” boxes are checked on the Email Preferences screen, and that notification thresholds are set where you would like them.

Action Day emails are always sent. If you did not receive an action day email, please check that the email address registered with your EnviroFlash subscription matches the email address that should receive EnviroFlash alerts. If this does not resolve the issue, check numbers 3 and 4 in this post.

3. Emails from enviroflash@airnowtech.org are being sent to your spam/junk folder

If this is the case, adding enviroflash@airnowtech.org to your contacts list may solve the issue. If not, your email provider may provide an option to stop emails from certain addresses from automatically going into the spam/junk folders.

4. The email address, enviroflash@airnowtech.org, or the IP address associated with EnviroFlash,is being blocked.

Contact your IT/email administrator.