What are verification sites and how do I specify them?

What is a Verification Site?

Verification sites are used to calculate the AQI at all forecasting cities and locations and are published on Airnow.gov. They are also used to compute the forecast verification statistics available in AirNow-Tech.

Adding and Removing Verification Sites

To be able to add or remove verification sites, your account must have forecaster privileges. If you need to be granted forecaster privileges for your agency, email airnowinfo@sonomatech.com with your request. After receiving forecaster privileges, you can choose verification sites for a forecast city by choosing the “Forecast” tab in AirNow-Tech, and then selecting the “Verification Sites” tab.

Add or remove verification sites by choosing a city from the drop down menu, and then clicking the Select Verification Sites button. A site selection tool will appear, and allow you to query and select the sites you would like to use as verification sites for the forecast city/reporting area. For information on how to use the Site Selector tool, [click here][1].

When a new monitor is added to a network, an assessment should be made by the agency to determine which city or cities the monitor should be associated with. Otherwise, the data from the monitor will not be used for verification purposes.
[1]: Using the Site Selector tool (Custom Queries)

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